Monday, May 7, 2012

Your Pet Hates

Oh where to begin????    I have a bunch, but I will just go with three that really tie in together so I don't keep you here reading for a week.  

A Sense of Entitlement:  I have been in customer service in one capacity or another for far too many years to count and with each passing year I see this becoming more and more prevalent.  What really blows my mind is that you cannot just say "It's the way this generation is being raised."  This trend is cross-generational; from my 95 year old grandmother to the kids who are coming up now.  From the little things like assuming that a store to take back a product that has CLEARLY been damaged from use, to expecting someone to drop everything to do something for you with no regard to their time/energy/use of resources.  There are times I could just shake that person and yell "No one OWES you anything that you didn't work earn!"  It is particularly glaring to me when someone pulls something that specifically says through their actions "Those rules don't apply to ME!!  They must be for everyone else!"  

Line Jumpers/Cutting People Off: This just makes me CRAZY!!!  Seriously, I don't know where people get off thinking that their time or where they are going is so much more important than the rest of us.  A prime example happened Friday morning.  I stop at the gas station every morning for coffee.  Friday morning I pulled in to the parking lot and there were a couple of cars getting ready to pull out.  There were also a couple of cars lined up coming in the opposite way waiting patiently for those folks to pull out so they could park.  As the car closest to the door pulled out, a chick in a Volvo came barreling in through the pumps and whipped in the space.  No regard what-so-ever for those of us who were already there and waiting.  I was chatting with my baby sister on the phone at the time and said out loud "Lady- you are a douche!" My sister just burst out laughing and asked if someone just cut me off. She knows me so well.  I pulled a ways past the other cars so they could have the next two spaces opening and went inside.  The only thing that made my moment was that when the other two drivers and I walked into the store, there she was;  foot tapping, staring at her watch because the Latte machine was empty in the flavor she wanted so she had to wait.  In fact, by the time all three of us left- she was still standing there tap-tap-tapping and glaring at the employees who were taking care of the line of customer instead of leaving the other cashier to deal with the whole line so she could bustle over to refill the one item that was out.  

Rudeness:  Both of those things above are very rude, but what makes my blood boil is people who are directly rude to other people.  I don't understand what they feel they will accomplish through their rudeness.  Do they think they will get better service?  Not going to happen.  Do they think they can intimidate the world into giving them their way?  Nope- they just look like the ass-hats that they are.  Perhaps they just hope to make the person on the other end just as miserable as they are or to bring someone else down because they are having a bad day.  I don't care what the circumstances are, there is just no call for it.  

Well, that's my top 3!  What are some of your pet hates?  


abcsofra said...

Now this is as a customer only! I hate when I get on a computerized customer service line and then when I finally and I do mean finally get a human on the line I am grilled on everything from my ID #, DOB, home address etc. etc. before I can even ask a question. Now I truly understand the need to update their computer data but it is ridiculous that call centers won't even answer a simple question for me without asking me 50 questions of their own. I have yet to figure out a way to get around this. But I so agree with your pet peeves and I don't currently work in customer service. But as another customer I often feel terrible for employees when they are belittled, disrespected and treated like second class citizens. Where has the civility gone to? That is the question I often ask.

Julie Faulds said...

Oh yes! It especially makes me crazy with Caremark (my mail order pharmacy). I get transferred no less than 4 times per call and they start over with the same personal info every single time. Grrrrrrrr!!!