Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jumping in at Day 2- May Blog Challenge

I found (on Pinterest) when I couldn't sleep last night, a Blog Challenge for May.  It suggests 31 different topics for the month.  I haven't done one of these before and I have been crazy busy and neglecting my blog of late so I thought this might get me back in the writing habit.  So I am jumping in here on day 2 with:

20 Facts About Me

  1. Mom, Josh and I are 20 years apart.  We were born in 1947, 1967 and 1987.
  2. Mom and I also married 20 years (and 4 days) apart:  February 1966 and February 1986.  
  3. Mom and I were both still 18 when we married- do that math!  
  4. I have no idea what my real hair color should be-I have been coloring since I was a young teenager.
  5. Though I color often, and like to try different things to do with it- I not-so-secretly hate my straight hair.
  6. As a military brat, I went to 13 different schools from K-graduation.
  7. Also as a brat (first daughter then wife) I got the opportunity to live in both the Philippines and Turkey as well as half a dozen different states.
  8. I love, love, love sunny days, be they 60 degrees or (like today) 90 or above. 
  9. I also love the way I look with a tan.
  10. If money were no object- I would retire tomorrow.
  11. If money were no object, I would also be significantly more high maintenance. 
  12. I love music. Almost ALL music. Everything from Classical to New Age, Country to Pop, Oldies to Alt Metal, Jazz to Blues. 
  13. I also love musicals- I watch Glee every week, Grease and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers every time they come on (and have seen ALL of the AFI's top 25 )and I loved the Broadway show RENT.  
  14. Courtesy of my husband, I have seen every Elvis movie over a dozen times.  
  15. I give my pups far too many treats.
  16. I also treat them like they are human kids instead of fur-babies.  
  17. I wrote an e-book in the midst of a year's insomnia and am working on a second.
  18. I am very fortunate to not only love but genuinely like my husband, my son, my parents and my sisters.
  19. I love social media and the true friends I have met through message boards, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and more.  
  20. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.  

There you have it- 20 facts about me.  When I was writing this- some of these just made me smile.  Best of all- flaws, quirks and all, I am thankful for each and every one of these facts. 

What about you?  You don't have to give me 20, but what about 5 facts about you?  Care to share?  


Adrienne said...

Here are five things about me:
1. I love animated movies, especially Disney/Pixar movies.
2. On bad days I like to curl up and watch movie after movie.
3. If there was no skin cancer I would sunbath every chance I got.
4. my first dog was a poodle
5. Sometimes I just crave Chinese food.

Julie Faulds said...

Hi Adrienne! Do you have a dog now? I really miss good Chinese food!