Thursday, May 24, 2012

Your Favorite Childhood Book

I am sure if you ask my mom what my favorite book was- you would probably get a different answer because she remembers far more than I do but what we will agree on is that I have loved books since, well forever.

I was that kid who had as many Little Golden Books as we could snap up.  I was that kid who had to have all of the Hardy Boy and Nancy Drew books, who blew through those SRA Reading Labs (remember those when you were a kid?) at school and had to move on to books, who at 10 read and coveted my Dad's Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe.

When I think of memorable kids books I think of Dr. Seuss and Maurice Sendak. As I grew older I think of Judy Blume.  I cannot tell you how much I loved when Scholastic would come to the schools and have our book fairs.

There is one book though that sticks out so much that a few years ago, after having worn out the copy that I read to my son every year,  I not only bought a copy for myself but for Mom and Dad and both of my Sisters.  It's a Christmas book that just brings back the feeling of just being together with the family.  I don't remember where we got it or when we read it during the season, but it just brings my very blessed childhood into focus as soon as I open it.

Santa Mouse, Where Are You?  by Michael Brown tells the story of Santa Mouse (who accompanies Santa on his rounds delivering his own Mouse presents) who falls out of the sleigh on Christmas Eve and must find his way home. One of the stories of how Santa Mouse came to be can be found here.  First published in 1968, Santa Mouse holds up over time and has become a true classic and part of the tradition in our home.    

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