Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Dream Job

My dream job is very simple.  My dream would be to stay home and read (and "fixing" what I am reading) for a living.  

First and foremost- proofreading.  I am reading a book right now that I have caught two different spellings (Norah/Nora) on a main character's name from one sentence to the next.  Those kind of sloppy errors make me CRAZY!  There's a magazine that I read on a fairly regular basis that has errors in every single issue.  Every time I have to stop myself  from contacting the editor.  I know- it seems silly but with the way our language is being butchered every single day (just read Twitter and Facebook statuses) it seems that proper spelling and grammar is being pushed to the side.  I feel that if you are going to go through the process to print a magazine or a book- it should be free of errors before that first run.   

Editing would be an okay job too.  On my Nook (and the Nook app on my phone and iPad), I read a lot of "free" books that I find on, Smashwords and Inkmesh.  Like me, many of these are first time authors.  Plainly speaking- First time authors can really use the services of an editor.  We don't often have the connections to a professional editor and so we try to edit our own work (tough since you can't really step back far enough to see your own work objectively) or call in smart friends or family members to give it a second or third look.  

The problem with my dream job is finding someone to not only pay me to read the work and make corrections and suggestions but to let me stay home and do it in my pajamas.  It's not totally implausible- everything is possible electronically- but it's highly improbable that I will be able to make my living doing that any time soon.  

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