Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's your best physical feature?

I had to think long and hard about this post.  I am hypercritical when it comes to me and physical appearance.  I know it, I admit it.  One step worse~ I am very, very self-denigrating.  In fact, since I started this post, I have utilized my "Backspace" key far more than in many recent posts. This is supposed to be a positive self examination but that just wasn't working for me.

I did one of those "stand in the mirror and choose your best feature" exercises in preparation for this morning's post.  It didn't take long for my thoughts to go into the "Well it could be _________ if it wasn't for________" direction.  I had to tell myself- out loud no less- to STOP IT!  So I walked away, came back fresh and took a look as if I were looking at someone else.

I decided, upon the second glance, that my best features are my eyes.  They are a basic, somewhere between hazely-brown but what I like is that I can actually control that.  I can, with a little makeup, make them look deeper and darker or I can go the minimalist route and let the green-ish side be more visible.  I can make them look sultry, smoky, sexy, flirty, or express any other of a host of "moods" with a little adjustment of eyeliner, color and/or natural or false lashes.  Speaking of false lashes- I don't use them often.  They are too much of a PITA and I have (depending on the brand of mascara I am wearing) been asked if my real lashes were in fact fake- so I got lucky there too.  The only drawback?  I don't hide my thoughts and feelings well.  Those who know me can read very well what I am thinking just by looking into my eyes.  I guess there's good and bad side to everything.

There's my best feature-  What's yours?  

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