Sunday, May 13, 2012

What's your earliest Memory?

It's funny. I am not quite sure at times what are memories or what are stories I have been told. Believe me, at almost 45 and as the oldest of three, I have been passed on a LOT of stories. So instead of wavering between a memory that is mine, or someone else's that I have imprinted on my brain, I am going to give you impressions instead.

I remember feeling loved. I know that I received a lot of attention because, hello, oldest here. And because very shortly after I came into this world my Daddy was off to fight of our country during the Vietnam Conflict and didn't return until I was 2. I had my mom, my Gran, my great Aunts caring for me.

I remember, after Dad came back, our first house. It seemed like a grand house. I drive by now and it seems so very much smaller than it did then. Even the yard that we ran and played, swung and slid and climbed seems minuscule in comparison to what I remember it being. I remember my first dog, Kai. He was about the size of my current babies, but back then he was my buddy. I remember when they brought each of my sisters home. I am told I was less than thrilled.

It's funny how the same event can happen to multiple people and we see the event differently. I just remember the girls being there all of the sudden. I am told that I actually ran away all the way to a neighbor's because I didn't want a baby in MY house. Oh well, it's all about perception I guess.

I hope you have great early memories to reflect upon, and that you have a lovely Mother's Day. I will be spending the morning with my Mama before packing up the pups and heading back to home after lunch.

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