Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Post a timeline of your day

My days, based on my work schedule, are pretty routine.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday go like this:

4:30-5:00am-     Roll out of bed and turn on the coffee maker and scroll through the DVR and start catching up      on it, take morning meds.
5:00-5:30am-     Put the dogs out when hubby brings Harley down and wait for them to be ready to come in.
5:30-6:00am-     Empty email, find a quote for the day for Facebook, scroll through Pinterest
6:00-6:30am-     Start working on a blog post, writing projects or what ever else I can do to engage the brain.
6:30-7:00am-     Cut fruit, get lunch ready for work, cook oatmeal or pack breakfast.
7:00-7:30am-     Get ready for work.
7:30am               Leave for work, stopping for coffee on the way.
8:00                   Work until anywhere between 4:00pm-6:00pm  (Whoever gets home first gets to take the pups out after work)
4:00-6:00pm,      Prep for dinner, eat dinner etc.
After dinner         Relax
7:30pm                Take the pups for their evening walk
8:00pm                Evening meds, relax with the hubby
9:00pm                Shower, grab book and crawl in bed.
10:30-11:00        Lights out.

The only differences between M/W/F and Tuesday/Thursday is that I go into work between 10 and 11am and work till 7 which means I get a nap before I go in- and I LOVE me some naps!  That's pretty much my day.  How about you?  

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