Sunday, May 6, 2012

Your 5 Senses Right Now

I think my senses are getting old.  How's that for an opener? Why do I think that?

Sight:  Just this year I obtained my very first pair of bifocals.

Hearing:  I have found myself turning up the volume on the television and having to listen a little closer on the phone.

Touch:  We all know about the tingling in our hands and feet which definitely affects our sense of feeling.

Smell:  I know- it sounds silly, but I feel like my sense of smell is dulling.  I really have to concentrate to discern subtle scents and I have to watch that I don't over-apply my perfume or body spray because I have been known to put it on, do something else, forget, check and not catch it.

The only traditional sense that hasn't been noticeably affected is my sense of Taste.  Thank goodness for that because I am a bit of a minor foodie.  I love trying new things and traditional foods prepared differently.  I love making and enjoying comfort foods that bring me back to my childhood.  I love cooking for an appreciative audience.  Can you see a theme here?  I hope the sense of taste doesn't dull too soon- because food is not just nutrition or a source of pleasure, but it can bring people together!

That said- I think that my sixth sense is getting sharper.  I have always been able to read people fairly well and size up situations fairly quickly, but now I find that my "gut" is getting stronger.  Maybe I am just tuning into it more often or listening better- but I will take it!  


abcsofra said...

Mmmph....I wish I could turn off my sixth sense. I swear that my has been on overdrive since I was born. Business people say I am scary because I call things way in advance. My daughter swears I can read minds. But to me it has been a burden. Sometimes I wish I was ignorant. Ignorance is bliss and I truly believe this!

Julie Faulds said...

See! Now I am enjoying it. I am letting it guide me and keep me out of trouble!