Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lazy Temperate Sundays.

It is a lovely morning here in Kentuckiana. It's 11:30am and a whopping 68 degrees out. Our high today will be a comfortable 74. This is the very best weather for my rheumatoid arthritis. Days like this, I don't have extra swelling brought on by the heat makes my muscles ache and my joints feel like they are encased in sausages or the extreme stiffness that the cold brings. Days like today- it only takes about two hours till I am moving at my level of normal.

There are several things we *could* do today, and some that we *should* but today only the most pressing will get done. In fact, my honey has already started laundry and I just finished making us a lovely egg scramble for brunch. A late lunch is planned (Goulash) and since my honey will be gone at dinnertime- "real" stove top popcorn is on my agenda. I have planned several meals for the rest of the week while I was waiting for my tramadol to kick in before I could administer my methotrexate this morning so that we can either start them in the morning or put them together after work and several other tasks are complete.

My plans for the rest of the day are very simple- I am planning a nap, I have a stack of magazines to rip apart (I tear out the articles I want to read at a later time- taking a folder with me is great for waiting rooms), and a couple of books that I can sink into. Perhaps Miss Dog, my books and I will spend some time on the porch enjoying the sun and the breeze. Tonight- well, we have several episodes of Wipeout and I Survived a Japanese Game Show to watch- because they just make me laugh myself silly- while I give myself a paraffin hand bath and manicure. Basically nothing pressing and everything enjoyable.

I love days like today. I imagine and hope that this will be my life when we retire. A lazy Sunday is such a luxury that I want to embrace it and hold on for as long as possible and savor every second. My gratitude for this day cannot be verbalized but it is felt from the bottom of my heart.

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