Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Television shows- old and new

I know it is silly to be grateful for TV shows- but they are such an escape. While I am at that- I will add my DVR.

I am hooked on a lot of the crime shows- all three CSI's, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs. I love Ghost Whisperers and I LOVE the new 90210 and Raising the Bar. I love some reality shows too- Extreme Makeover Home Edition- makes me grateful for my life every time I watch it. Survivor- makes me grateful that I don't have to act like that. Project Runway, Top Chef,- make me wish that I had the passion that these folks do, and Ghosthunters- Oh man I wanna do that!

Anyway- I was just looking at my DVR and it seems that TVland is rerunning a lot of eps of EMHE this week. My dvr is going to fill up- but when I sit and watch them- I will have SO MUCH to be grateful for.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Today I am grateful for music. I was lucky enough to grow up with a lot of music in my life. My father and son are both very talented musicians. I guess it skips a generation.

I was walking Miss Harley this morning and I realized that every morning I start the morning singing to her. Though it is a good thing she can't tell me how awful I sound she doesn't seem to mind and it gets my morning off to a good start.

Music is life. From BB King to Metallica to Rascal Flatts. From the Marsallaes to Harry Connick Jr to Enya. There is a peice of music for every feeling, for every moment in life. My Ipod currently has about 500 peices of music and before the crash, my computer had an additional 2000. There is something for every memory for every emotion.

I am grateful that I had the widely varied exposure to musical stylings that I have had and that we have artists willing to pour their blood, sweat and tears into making it for us.

So it's Monday

So I last posted on Thursday. It has been a long weekend but I have tried to keep myself in a grateful place all weekend.

Friday- I was VERY grateful that Jim went with me to my doctor's appointment. He kept me distracted and laughing when I was nervous and encouraged me when I needed it. <3

Saturday- I was VERY thankful that the "side effects" were OVER!

Sunday I was grateful for a day to just relax and for the ability to go and enjoy a grocery shopping trip. I read a blog this weekend that really made me think and be thankful for what we DO have. If you are interested it is: http://onedollardietproject.wordpress.com/2008/09/01/it-starts-today/

Thursday, September 25, 2008

On seeing how the universe delivers

Yes- I believe in "The Secret" or "The Law of Attraction"

Yes- part of my gratitude journey is to see how the universe has already delivered for me.

A few examples from the last two years-

I needed to be closer to my parents- and the job at Hanover opened up.

I needed to let Josh spread his wings- so when he chose to stay behind- I didn't fall apart, I was able to let him do it.

I felt isolated in Madison- so the transfer to IU came about.

Jim and I needed to reconnect- so he found a day job and we have our evenings together.

I needed to have someone to love and take care of- we found Harley.

When all of this was going on, though occasionally I felt scared- for the most part, each step has felt "right". No second guessing, no regrets, just a feeling of calm knowing that this is what I needed along the way.

We are so much better off now than we have been in the last twenty years. Mentally, emotionally and physically we are better people for sitting back and taking this journey. I feel so blessed by everything that has happened to us since we put our faith out there and took a leap.

I know that we can know what we need and the way will be shown to us. For that I can be eternally grateful!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It was another lovely morning today, but if I do the same topic every day even I will get bored with my posts.

Today's salute is to technology. I am a bit of a techno-geek. I have my PC, my laptop, my dvr, my gps ( one for the car, one for geocaching and on my phone- THANK YOU VERIZON!), my Wii, my palm pilot, etc etc. I don't know how we lived without them!

Seriously- I would have lost contact a long time ago without my cell, email and IM. I also would never get to watch tv without my dvr. I would never get any exercise outside of Harley and I's walks without my wii.

Technology has made our lives so much easier. Thank the heavens for technology!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Small things

Today it is a beautiful morning and I am grateful for some small things-

Clear crisp mornings where the stars are shining bright

Afternooons that live up to their late summer potential

Walks that loosen my joints

Miss Harley to go with me

Time to relax afterwards

Lots of coffee

Four day work weeks

Friends who IM before sunrise.

Husbands who say they love you and mean it

Sweet kisses goodbye.

These things make me smile. :-)

Monday, September 22, 2008


Today I am grateful for my opportunities. I have been given the green light to go on a business trip to NY. At the end of the trip, I will be taking a hop to Boston, spending the weekend with the family, and then the company will fly me home from there. It is just such a wonderful chance to do- and it will be the last one since the boss is planning on coming back asap.

Thank you BNCB for your generosity!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My mom

My mom is wonderful. I have an appointment on Friday to learn how to give myself injections for my RA. Mom called tonight to see if I wanted her to go with me. <3. That she would drive 100 miles to make a 7am appointment with me shows just the kind of mom she is.

Today I am most thankful for her.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Medical Advancements

I can't say that I am grateful for being "blessed" with Rheumatoid Arthritis- but I can say that I am very grateful for the realm of different medicines that I have available to try and control this disease. I have been through three DMARDS so far- we are going for the fourth starting next weekend. I am a little nervous about giving myself injections- but I can do this if it means some relief. I am also grateful that if this medication does not work for me- there are still options. It is also good to know that there is a valid reason for my constant exhaustion- my labs came back and the proof is in the numbers.

As I missed yesterday (thanks to doctor's appointments etc) I want to toss out another thing in here. Jim has decided that he wants to be a trucker. He is really kind of excited about it. I am SO eternally grateful that he has finally found something that gives him focus and direction. He is so smart and such a good guy and I knew that he would find that one thing that he wants to do.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A beautiful fall morning

I woke up this morning (after a night of really weird dreams!) in a terrific mood. I was actually singing "Good morning to you" to Miss Harley as I scratched her belly before we went for our walk this morning. We stepped outside to a crisp 55 degree, clear morning. The moon was shining brightly, the stars were just gorgeous and the ground was not too wet.

As we walked along I was thinking of a ton of little things that I could be thankful for today. Here's a short list:

1. We both have jobs to go to this morning.
2. Our power was restored yesterday afternoon.
3. We didn't lose any of the food that we have stored in our fridge and freezer- except maybe the milk- I haven't applied the sniff test yet.
4. Josh finally has a job and has made it through the training.
5. We have another low key weekend planned. Mom and dad are going away to Eden, so we are staying home hoping to maybe hit the fleas and possibly go to Bark in the Park- if we feel like it.

SO this morning starts with a smile. :-)

Monday, September 15, 2008


SO much to be thankful for. No damage to our house, none to Mom and Dad's, managable to Aunt Karen's. Everyone is safe and sound. Thanks, thanks, thanks to Mother Nature for sparing us and for keeping us safe and sound.

I did learn something today. I really need to work on maintaining the gratitude attitude and letting go of the aggravation. I had a tough, tough day with that. I am not even going to type it because I know that if I do, I will get aggravated again and I would rather just let it go.

I am truely a work in progress.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dogs in general, mine in particular

I love my dog. I admit it, I am head over heels for her.

Harley is one of the best things in my life. She is always there just waiting for me to come home. She is very low key and mellow, but when I wake up in the morning and come down the stairs, or when I come home after a long day at work, there she is; tail wagging, bringing me toys or treats or whatever is handy to greet me. Her sheer joy is infectious and lifts whatever exhaustion or stress that I have off my shoulders and bringing a smile to my face. When I join her and drop everything to get down on the floor for some loves, she knows that I am there for HER and her alone. She has a personality that just won't quit and I just can't help but smile just thinking of her.

Another side benefit- walking. Only for her would I drag my butt out of bed every morning at 5 and hit the pavement. Most days it is only for 20 minutes (with another 20 just before bed) but on weekends at home we sometimes double up. Now- it is not super strenuous but it is more movement than I would get left to my own devices-lol. We walk, I talk and before I know it I have gotten some exercise.

She also forces me to stop and enjoy the little things. She is a dog and dogs stop and sniff. While she is doing that I actually look around. No more of the "keep your head down and keep moving" thing. I am so much more aware of my surroundings when she is by my side.

Let's hear it for our dogs!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why Gratitude? Why now?

It's very easy to get caught up in what is "wrong" in your life. Focusing on the bad things not only allows us to wallow in our own misery but it also invites everyone we come in contact with to a giant pity party. Physically, it drags us down as if the weight of the world is on our shoulders. It causes tension headaches, TMJ disorders, ulcers, and various other physical manifestations.

Have you ever spent a fair amount of time around someone who is always down? It is not a pleasant experience. You either spend all of your time taking in their stuff until you are down with them- or you expend all of your energy trying to raise their spirits. They are energy vampires and you are their prey! I don't want to BE that vampire! I want to learn to let things go more quickly and to focus on the positive. I want to radiate inner peace. To do that- I need to focus on what is great in my life, not take the little things and blow them up into all consuming issues.

And so- my gratitude journal. It is a journey- I know that. Even if I focus on the famous 5 (health, home, family, work, play) for a while, it is all about teaching myself to look inward for the great things.

Inner peace- here we come.

Today I am grateful for Lazy Saturdays. Be they here at home, or hanging out with Mom and Dad it is wonderful to be able to just stop for a few minutes and get off the merry-go-round. To sit and sip a cup of piping hot coffee and savor the mix of the bitterness of the bean and the smoothness of the half and half is a joy to the senses. You hear the coffee perk, smell the aroma, feel the heat and then taste the combination. It just brings a smile to a sleepy morning. Lazy Saturdays also allow for hanging in the PJs (and who doesn't love jammie time- honestly!) and catching up on the dvr. It means snuggling up with Harley watching a movie and munching on some home cooked popcorn. It means wandering outside to feel the grass between my toes. It means curling up with a good book- or even a bad book (lol)- and escaping to another place. It means forgoing the "musts" and only doing those things you really feel like doing.

Celebrate Lazy Saturdays! They just don't come often enough and should be recognized and savored when they do.

Thank You for my Lazy Saturday!