Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Companies doing good things

There are a couple of companies that are doing things that I really like and I wanted to share them this morning.

First there is Pedigree. Pedigree dog food sponsers shelter adoptions nationwide. Not only that, but their site has questions you should ask yourself to see if you are really ready to be a responsible dog owner. That is very important to me. It is wonderful to have a pet in your life- but if you don't properly care for them- you aren't doing yourself or the dog any favors. I like that Pedigree addresses that part of pet adoptions as well as just encouraging us to adopt.

The second and my other favorite is Dove's Campaign For Real Beauty. Dove was one of the first line of beauty products to spotlight that women who are not "traditionally" beautiful can be beautiful too. Their commercials with larger women were groundbreaking and as it evolved the campaign included older women as well. Dove has created self-esteem workshops for girls ages 8-17, when they are most vulnerable to peer pressure. They work with the Girls Scouts of America as well as mentor programs and schools to get these workshops out there.

These are two companies that I can be glad to give my hard earned money to when I choose my products. I like what they are doing to give back to the world and their philosophy in presenting their programs. For that reason- I can support them both financially and by word of mouth.

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