Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Okay Friends~ I need you!

   Hi Friends~

     As you know, I have a LOT going on in my life at this time of year.  The RA is still acting up, work is crazy and only getting crazier- the usual for my late July/all of August life.  As I mentioned last post, we are also in the process of trying to buy a house.  If we cannot do that, we will need to consider moving to a single level apartment.  Needless to say- my stress level is through the roof.

     Now- I am sure that it will change later this week a little when we meet with the mortgage broker to see if we qualify.  I am honestly prepared for either answer- I just need to know.  Waiting has never been my strong suit and medical test after medical test, diagnosis after diagnosis has made that worse if anything.  But either way- there will be more changes.

      Stress is manifesting itself in hives.  Itchy, itchy hives.  This happened last year too so medically I am prepared to treat it (Benadryl at night, Claritin or Zyrtec during the day and lots of oatmeal baths) so that's a good thing.

     What I need from you are your best ideas and tips.  How do you combat stress?  What do you do to relax?  Send me all of your ideas, good, bad, sane, crazy- I am entertaining all options!

Thanks in advance! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Feeling Rather Overwhelmed

      So, so, so much is going on that my head is fairly spinning.  Let's see if I can put it in words and make paragraphs that are comprehensible.

     First, the flare is still alive and kicking in my hands and feet full time and moves up the appendages when I am tired.  I have been approved by my insurance company for Actemra for two years, now we just have to coordinate and start that and see if my body stops rebelling.  In the same vein~ nodules are starting to pop up again.  Years ago I had one at the base of several of my fingers and it hurt to drive because it was right where I gripped the steering wheel.  MTX and Enbrel for 6 months or so and they seemed to "melt" away.  Now we know  have them in my lungs- hence Rheumatoid Lung Disease but I have one forming on my right index finger on both sides of the first knuckle.  That means it hits right where I grip a pen.  I was writing the other day and it felt like I was bruised.  I did a "WTH???"  and started exploring and found them.  My handwriting has already gone from decent to like a 10 year old with the joint damage- now I will have to find a new way to grip the pen so it doesn't sit on that knuckle.

I am grateful that my back and neck are in a lull while the flare is active. 

     Second, it's that time of year again.  We are amping up at work for the Fall term.  Right now we are in the process of hiring, then we will start processing online orders, then training the new hires and then it's on.  Next weekend is my last "free" weekend until school starts.  That means I need to spend it planning, planning and more planning.  Planning meals, planning clothing, planning as much as I can so I can make this as smooth and stress free during extended hours and long weekends as possible.  

I am grateful that I have a job that I can enjoy and that I can anticipate the busy times.  

    Third, we are house hunting.  We have been renters our whole married lives.  I kind of thought we would stay here indefinitely but it's just not feasible.  Our apartment is a townhouse style.  It has 17 stairs between floors.  It was really not a big deal until this flare.  My balance being off and the pain of going up and down the stairs has prompted this search. It also doesn't help that Miss Harley can't go down stairs any longer and since I am the first one up in the morning- she gets up when I do and I have to carry her down the stairs.  It's kind of scary.  On top of my dealing with it, my parents are very concerned about me being in a house with stairs- and the last thing I want to do is worry them.  So, we are looking.  We have pulled together a bunch of listings and went to our first Open House today.  Thankfully, Mom and Dad drove up after church and came with us because each of the four of us noticed different things about the house.  The house was a bust but it was a great exercise as to what to look for.  Tomorrow I have to call my bank and get that ball rolling. I emailed their contact number last week.  I will call them tomorrow and if they don't move on the pre-approval fairly quickly, I will go to an outside bank.  Then it's on to contacting a realtor.  We have our parameters and have chosen a company but I have been holding off until we hear from the bank.  it's been a lot of hurry up and wait and looking, looking, looking.  On top of all of this, I am a little anxious about all of the "after expenses"- things we have never had to worry about before like buying a lawnmower, like paying a water bill, sewage, trash collection- things like that.  It's really intimidating.

     I am grateful for parents who care enough to not only worry but to help us and guide us through this process.  I am grateful that we are at a place where we can actually make this step.   

     So that's where we are at the moment.  Even typing it out, my head is spinning but as with everything else~ we will get through this step by step and day by day!

On a side note-  Sending BIG Happy Birthday Wishes to both my Dad and to Miss Dazey!   

Monday, July 13, 2015

RA Inspired Tattoos-

From our friends at Healthline:

Healthline has recently compiled photos of Rheumatoid Arthritis inspired tattoos, and I thought you might want to take a look: http://www.healthline.com/health-slideshow/rheumatoid-arthritis-tattoos

Our readers love looking through this collection and reading the inspirational stories behind each one.