Monday, August 3, 2009

Forty-two Ways in Forty Two Days- The Glory of Nature

In this every technology driven age it is becoming increasingly difficult to find time to just step back and enjoy the wonders of the world around us. Time with no tv, no phones, no blackberry, no internet, just us and the world. I try to take advantage of the early morning when there is very little traffic every day by taking my dog for a walk around 4:45 am. At that time of the day it is just me, her, and the quiet of the world.

When we walk in the morning, we head east from our home. Just about a block away there is an area where both sides of the road are wooded. In that small area, as long as there is no traffic it is easy to forget that you are in town. As the wind gently blows the breeze through the leaves the chirping of the birds and the crickets magnifies and becomes a symphony to wake you up and welcome the day. From time to time, Harley and I cross paths with deer and foxes as they make their way across the street to the golf course that opens up on our left. On our right, a little further down is a park where we have seen rabbits and raccoons sharing space. As we make our way back and closer to our home those sounds fade away and it is the silence that you notice- though there are plenty of rabbits right in our complex for Harley to play with.

On mornings like this one, when it is nice an cool out, I like to get dressed more quickly and then take my coffee out to my patio. Behind my townhouse is a line of trees that cuts us off from the next neighborhood. I can sit out there with my cup of coffee and watch the sun come up over the horizon and through the trees. As the sky changes from an inky black to purple, then pink and finally blue you can see and hear the world coming alive. It both makes you feel a part of it and reminds you that there is a much bigger world out there beyond our own. If you allow it- it can put your life, with it's inherent stresses and problems, into perspective with the big picture. That is one of my favorite things to do as it starts my day on a positive note.

I am off to watch the sun rise- I hope that you have a wonderful, beautiful and glorious day. If you have the opportunity to see the sun rise some day soon- please take advantage of it and see if it can make a difference in the way you view your day.

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Unknown said...

I love the gift dogs give us of getting up each morning and walking. This is my best time to think and I believe it is because I am in nature with a companion that allows me the time to just think while she too enjoys all the smells nature has given her.

We have gotten out of the habit of sitting outside with our breakfast. Thanks for the great reminder.