Friday, August 7, 2009

Forty-Two Ways in Forty-Two Days- Massage

A couple of months ago my Rheumy said after my routine assessment that my RA was doing very well but that we may be facing Fibromyalgia as well. As there are no difinitive tests for fibro it would be a test for everything else and then wait and see process. I can deal with that but I just didn't want to face any more meds on top of the cocktail that I already take. I called my sister and asked her to just "take me out to the pasture and shoot me." LOL. Rather than that- she booked me a massage.

I had forgotten how much I missed my massages. My massage therapist is knowledgable in both RA and Fibro so she takes good care of me. She spends a solid 20 minutes each on my neck/shoulder and on my hips- the two areas I have the most trouble with. The other 20 she spends just relaxing the rest of my muscles. It is therapeutic for both my body and my soul. Since then I have scheduled one every other month and it has helped so very much.

I am so thankful that my sister found her for me (especially all the way from North Carolina) and even more so that I have one scheduled this afternoon.

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