Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Own 29 day challenge

As I mentioned in my last post, the book "29 Gifts" has really touched my heart.  I have decided to not wait until I finish it but to just jump in since it is September 1st.  The only "problem" is that, as with most challenges in my life, as soon as I made the decision to start- I found my brain kicking into "planning" mode.  What can I give?  Who can I give to?  Planning this out will take away from the spirit of the challenge.  So I had to stop and rewind.  The only "gift" I am planning is books I bought for my parents.  Since I am going to see them this weekend- I will bring their gifts. Before I do however- I think I will write a note and put it in the book.

The challenge is mindful giving.  On the site it asks- "What do you most want to receive?"  My answer was peace and contentment in my soul.  I think this will help me greatly in my quest to live a positive life.  If I receive other "gifts" in the process- they will be bonuses. 

So now I begin- I will keep you updated on my progress.   

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