Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Days 18- 20, A Walk, A Bag and a Book

Whew!  It's been an exhausting couple of days.  I will try to keep this not-too-long.

Saturday- Day 18 was the Arthritis Walk.  It was a beautiful day for a walk, not terribly hot in the morning which is important.  The Arthritis Foundation of Louisville did a wonderful job of organizing everything.  I love that they invite the River City Drum Corp out every year.  I can't speak for everyone but those talented kids keep me moving the whole 5k.  We had some terrific sponsors again this year so that was fun too.  After that was over- I rushed home and we got the dogs ready for our second charity event of the day- the Bark in the Park.  This event is just what it sounds like- a day in the park for the pups with all sorts of pup related "stuff" from veteranarians to different rescue organizations and it is put together by the shelter where we found Auggie and Harley.  We picked up new bandanna's for the "kids", they got to see the people who cared for them and they ran around like crazy until they were totally worn out. 

Sunday- Day 19 was a recovery day for us.  I was worn out and so were the puppies.  We wanted to relax so we took a drive into Oldham County into horse country.  It was just beautiful.  On the way back we stopped at the store for dinner.  While we were there, for my give, I picked up the donation bag that I intended to pick up the last time I was at the grocery- before the alarms went off at the store.  I am grateful that our store has these ready.  They are in a big bin and are mesh bags that contain tuna, mac and cheese, canned veggies and fruit and other items.  You just take the bag to the cashier and they ring it up for you and you put it in the box for the shelter.  The best part of all of this is that it makes it easy to give something at any time. 

Monday- day 20 was back to work.  My assistant was having car and phone trouble.  It was an easy decision to make- I took her to the garage to drop off her car and then to the Verizon store to get another phone.  While we were in the car running around, I also shared the book that kicked this all off with her and gave her a copy- with the request that when she finishes it- she passes it on.  At the end of the day- I took her back to get her car and then went home for the day.

 I was thinking back on the day and I can't believe it has already been 20 days.  There are only 9 days left to go in this challenge and while I don't know what is in store for me in terms of my gives- I am so looking forward to where this takes me. 

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