Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 22- Our "preferred" charities

Yesterday's give was a donation to the Louisville AIDS Walk.  Some of the kids from the school have put together a team and I have to support that.  I am grateful that they have chosen to do this and that I could help out a little with my donation. 

Everyone has those different causes and events that they support.  Hubby and I have our "Fave Five" charities.  You know- the one's that you wish there was not a need for but that you will always support.  Ours are:

The Arthritis Foundation (natch)
Breast Cancer Research (both Avon Foundation and Komen)
The AIDS Foundation
The American Cancer Society
The Humane Society

These causes are very near and dear to our hearts for different reasons.  I won't expand on them because some of the stories are my honey's to tell but suffice it to say that believe strongly in what they are doing.  We also believe that we would like to see a cure for the top four in our lifetimes.  This is not to detract from any other causes because there are others that we support both seperately and together but these 5 are the most important to us as a unit.  We commend the work done by the different foundations and we also commend anyone who gets out there and does what they have to do to spread the word about both the work being done and the reason for it.  They get a big YOU ROCK from us!

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