Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 16 - Turning "Bad" into "Give"

Yesterday was day 16.  It was a LONG day at work and when I was done I was SO ready to go home but before I could I had to stop at the grocery. I love grocery shopping and I like to buy the "helping hunger" tags and bags and planned to do so for my give for the day.  So I was wheeling around the store- just spacing off- and had been at it for a bit.  I still had a few items to get when I phone rang.  I looked at it- didnt recognize the number and dropped it back in my purse.  I figured it was a wrong number so why bother?  Two seconds later- phone rings again- from a different number.  This time it was from I picked up.  It was Campus Police telling me that the alarms were going off in my store.  I told them I would be back ASAP.  Hung up with them- phone rings again (now I am getting annoyed) and it's the security company- telling me the alarm is going off in the store.  I rushed through the rest of my shopping and called the other half to tell him dinner would be late and headed back to the store. 

When I got back there was nothing amiss but it had erased all my relaxation.  I walked through the whole store before I realized that it was most likely the mylar balloons that we had bought for our open house that had set off the alarms.  The air had kicked on- they moved- and set off the motion detectors.  I wasn't about to leave them there to get calls all weekend so I cut them all down and was about an inch away from popping all 30 of them when I realized that beyond being a pain in my butt they could possibly bring some joy to someone else.  I gathered them all up and took them down to the police station.  I asked if the officer sitting there or the dispatcher had children who would enjoy the balloons.  Neither did- but our dispatcher admitted he loves them.  So I handed them over and he just smiled and smiled.  He told me he would be taking them home and sharing them with his mom. 

I said my goodbyes and left- feeling much lighter in spirit than when I had returned.  I am so glad that he will take them and enjoy them for the whole weekend.  I am also glad I realized the "culprit" so that I wont be making trips back and forth all weekend.  ;-)

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Anonymous said...

that was such a great story...that turned out good! I'm glad it wasn't a real break-in!!