Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 2

Today's gifts are more traditional gifts.  I am at the beginning of a long weekend and though I had planned on waiting till my hubby was out of work for the weekend- he will now have to work Saturday so he is sending me to my parents with the puppies and will join us after he is out of work. 

So- I am going to see Mom and Dad and I am taking them each a book.  100 Reasons I Love My Dad and 100 reasons I Love My Mom.  There are more than 100- but I want them to know that I am thinking of them always so this is given with pure love.  I was saving these for Christmas- but they seem more appropriate now. 

On a side note- I bought two more copies of the book yesterday.  I am looking for the perfect people to give them to.  I am keeping them in the car because when I know who it is that "needs" this- they will be with me.  I think the perfect time will just speak to me.

I am so ready to spend the weekend just relaxing there.  I need the down time and the pups are more than ready to run free in the yard.  It will be a wonderful weekend. 

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