Monday, August 30, 2010

29 Gifts

     I usually don't review books until I am finished but I feel that this one needs to be shared immediately.  I was stocking shelves with a new shipment of bargain books for our newly revamped "trade section" and when I went to put this on the shelves I immediately set aside a copy for myself.  Something about it just spoke to me and as I work my way through it- it continues to pull at me both mentally and emotionally.  It's funny because if you look at my bookshelves the selection is very eclectic but the majority is fiction.  This non-fiction account will hold a special place- right next to Eat, Pray, Love

To synopsize- the author, Cami Walker, was in a deep downward spiral as she battled Mulitple Sclerosis.  Barely able to get out of bed, Cami's every thought was gripped by negativity.  Caught in a web of "I'll never be able to..." and "Why did this happen to me" our author was to the point that she just wanted to die.  Until she received an unusual prescription from her friend and spiritual advisor Mbali Creazzo. 

"Give away 29 gifts in 29 days. 

Healing doesn't happen in a vacuum, but through interactions with other people.  By giving you are focused on what you have to offer others.  Inviting more abundance into your life.  Giving of any kind is taking a positive action that begins the process of change.  It will shift your energy for life." 
At first, Cami thought Mbali was crazy.  What did she have to give?  They were broke and she felt broken but eventually Cami gave in and began to try this way of life.  What happened next would change the course of her life.  Cami learned that the gifts she gave did not have to be material; only heartfelt and with mindfulness.  The more she gave, the stronger she became.  The stronger she became, the more she wanted to give.  And so, her life was changed forever.  Living from a positive place, Cami is now thriving and living with her MS as opposed to suffering from it. 

As someone who has been working on this premise for several years now, I am inspired by Cami's success in her mission and delighted to find a direct way to add positivity to my life.  I am only on the chapter entitled "The 8th Gift" and yet I am already thinking of who I want to give to and how.  I invite everyone to read this book or check out the website (linked in the title of the post) and let this challenge into your heart.  Part of the prescription is to journal about the journey.  As soon as I complete the book and begin the challenge- I will be sharing it here with you and on the 29 Gifts website blog as well.

Check out the bargain books at your local Barnes and Noble or you can order it using the following information:

29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change your Life
Cami Walker
ISBN: 9780738213569
De Capo Press

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