Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It is almost ridiculous how much I look forward to Wednesday.  Wednesday is the day I take my shot of Enbrel.  The shot itself doesn't make me "feel" any better but it does wipe me out and that means that I am in bed by about 6:30pm.  At the moment- I could probably crawl back in bed now and not get out for the day because I am dealing with a wave of fatigue that could take down an army. 

There was a time- at the beginning of my RA journey that I would have just given in to that and buried my head and everything else in my bed and let it spiral down to "is this what my life will be?"  That is no longer my approach.  Now I know that I can make it through the work day because tonight I get to go to bed early.  I will get home tonight and hop right in my pajamas to get me into the mode of relaxing.  I *might* have some spiced tea or cocoa to warm me up and then I will take to my bed to read until I literally drop off.  It is probable that I will have one if not both of the dogs in with me but they won't stay long because Jim will have to take them out about an hour and a half after I get to sleep.  Knowing that I have this to look forward to means that I can definitely make it through the day. 

I had an example of my "find the good and focus on it" (also known as the "redirect and ignore" method) this morning.  It was a rough morning for me and could have turned into a classic bad day had I let it. I very much did not want to get out of bed this morning but I got up and threw on my clothes very quickly this morning and then went to take the dogs out.  They are both getting into the "up and out" routine (which is a good thing) but they are just not used to the coupler leash yet so this morning I had trouble getting Harley on the leash (she kept backing up away and I kept chasing after her) until Auggie just couldn't wait any longer and peed on the floor.  Then I had to stop and correct him and clean up that mess before we could get out into the bitter 18 degree weather.  We walked and walked and finally got back to the house.  I fed the two of them and Auggie wolfed down his food and started in on Harley's so I had to try and keep him out of her food so she could eat,  Then the hubby came down and was getting ready to leave which means that I have to wait to lock the door behind him because he needs to warm his truck and because I was already irrititated it felt like it was taking forever - so I cut my mango to take for work and got the dogs food ready for the next few days while I waited for him- all before I had my first cup of coffee.   

By the time I sat down I was in a pretty foul frame of mind but I took a deep breath and realized that I had accomplished a lot already this morning.  I flipped on the news for the weather (no end to the cold in sight and a snow storm coming tonight) and realized that I will be home and snug in my bed before the snow really starts so that is something to be thankful for.  I realized that I have an "early" day today (even though it's rush I am going home at 4 because of my meds) so it will go quickly.  I started to peruse the web this morning and saw that RA Guy had featured *me* in his Real Profiles series- which is incredibly flattering.  And I got on facebook and saw a message from my dad about our skype conversation last night.  And just like that- my foul mood was gone.   

I hope you all have a wonderful day- I know I will.  :-)


Carla said...

Found you through RA Guy. I also take my Enbrel shot on Wednesday nights, although unlike you, my only experience is that it makes me feel better. MTX used to kick my behind, but no side effects from Enbrel. (Does yours sting?) I'm upset, though, because the injection site reaction is to the point they might take me off of it, and I don't know what's next. Good luck with everything and thanks for the posts.

andrew said...

Hi Jules,
Saw your profile on RAguy's site. I was profile a few month's back. I can relate looking forward to the next injection. I used to inject Enbrel weekly and now inject Cimzia monthly. Those last few days before the next injection can be a bear as symptoms start creeping back.
I'll add your site to my blog roll.

Jules said...

Hello Carla and Andrew! It's nice to "meet" you.

Carla- I do get the stinging/burning sensation with the Enbrel. MTX has been my biggest difference so far, what Enbrel has done for me is destroy the rheumatoid nodules I had, which is wonderful because they were getting big enough to become painful. It's worth the injections for that alone!

Andrew- I started reading your blog this morning and have really enjoyed what I read. I need to update my blogroll- when I do (hopefully this weekend) I will add you as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jules,
I as well found you through RA guy. I really enjoyed your post makes me feel better about the day to remember the comforting things like a warm bed, hot tea, the dogs (or cats!) in bed with us, snowstorms while we sleep, p.j.'s etc. Sometimes it gets hard for me to get out of a negative frame of mind, so thanks! xo robin