Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Well, Jim had his surgery yesterday and all went well from a medical standpoint.  We had a few rough moments when we kept getting bumped back (surgery was supposed to be at 10:45, he was taken in just after 2) and after getting into his gown before 9 he was in such a nicotine and caffeine withdrawl that he was a nasty, nasty man.  I finally got tired of it around 1 and went out to the waiting room.  Though I completely understand having BTDT before-it was getting ridiculous and knowing how we are- if I had stayed one of us would have ended up wanting to strangle the other-lol.  I poked my head into the unit around 2:15 and they said he had gone in.  I chatted with the nurses a few minutes and then went and got my new book (I had finished the one I was reading in the waiting room) and settled into his room to wait for him.  When he came back- he apologized and all was well again. Though he had refused pain meds when he was in the ER Wednesday night and refused them again post op, he was glad they gave me a script because once the morphine started wearing off- he was in a lot of pain.  I dropped him at home and took care of the dogs and then went and got his meds then we settled in, I made dinner, we watched a movie and went to bed.  The good thing is that at 6 when I got up with Auggie, he was feeling okay and didn't want another pill.  He and Harley are still curled up together and snoozing now. 

Tomorrow begins another "Rush" for me.  That means 10+ hour days and 6 day work weeks for the next two to three weeks.  The winter rush is tough on us because it moves so quickly.  We basically have from October to December to return fall semester books, chase down and process all of the orders (we have over 1700 classes), buy back as many books as we can from the kids, order and shelve all of the books and then pull web orders to be ready when the kids come in to pick them up.  Between the spring and fall terms on the other hand- the process starts in March and ends in late August.  I am so thankful that most of it is completed and all we have left is late web orders and actual sales. 

Today I have to get my meals planned for the week, and also see what else I can get done to prepare myself for a very long week.  This is the best way for me to cope with the craziness and still manage to be useful when I get home rather than ready to drop when I get home at night.  I also need to nap because it's mtx day and I am already feeling tired.  The good thing about today's tasks is that during rush we have to wear a specific t-shirt so I only have to make sure my khaki's are ready to go- that's one headache I don't have! 

I want to give thanks today (again) for my family.  While Jim was in the hospital yesterday I got calls from my parents and each of my sisters to check on him.  I heard from quite a few folks on facebok and twitter but only my family and two of our friends actually called.  It makes me feel so grateful that they were thinking of us and so very loved.  There is nothing better than that.  <3


MissDazey said...

So glad Jim is doing OK. Trust everything will continue that way.

Boy, I got tired just reading your work load. Look at it this way, some student someday will remember the nice lady in the bookstore that helped them. Perhaps you waited on a future President today or maybe the women who finds a cure for RA.

Jules said...

That's a good point- because I am feeling very jaded about our students. The sense of entitlement just makes me crazy.