Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's funny how things change.

I wasn't sure how long ago I first read the book "Simple Abundance" until the other night.  If you haven't read it- it is broken down into small daily sessions.  One of the things that is highlighted in the second week is having a gratitude journal.  Years ago when I bought the book- I also bought the accompanying gratitude journal where in you jot down 5 things each day that you are grateful for. 

Confession:  I am not very good at journaling every day.  That year- it was a New Year's resolution.  I managed 9 days.  I know this because I pulled out the journal the other night when I got to that part.  I read it, I laughed at my old self, I read it aloud to my husband, he rolled his eyes and told me that obviously I hold on to things for too long.  You see- his birthday is in the first week of January and I journaled that we spent a lovely evening at home for his 33rd birthday.  He is now 44.  I think he's right. 

What that means is I got two lessons in one.  First that I have most assuredly changed a LOT in the last eleven years.  My priorities have changed, my career has changed, my lifestyle has changed.  Second I learned that indeed- I do hold on to things for way too long.  I knew I was a little bit of a pack rat- I didn't realize how much.  Both of these lessons are a blessing.  I am grateful to know that I have evolved even more than I thought I had.  That makes me feel so much better about the journey that brought me to this point.  The reason that I am grateful to realize that I hold on to things too long is that I finally feel free to get rid of some of the "stuff" and pare down on the things I surround myself with.  I have been reading about that as part of simplifying my life but I have been afraid to make that start.  I don't know how much throwing away I will do- but I do think I can at least pack some things away and get them out of our day to day space.  I am off today, tomorrow and Tuesday- that seems like a good time to get started.

There was also a small victory involved.  On that year- I lasted nine days.  Yesterday was the 16th and I have read that book each and every night before I settle in with whatever other book I am currently reading.  That shows me I have grown there too.  Another blessing to be thankful for. 

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Anonymous said...

Journaling (or keeping a diary, as it used to be known) isn't as easy as it sounds. I have a lovely journal that a friend gave me several years ago. It's illustrated with pretty, thought-inducing images and, on every two or three pagees, a quote from Buddha. Very nice. It's pristine, though -- I've never had the courage to actually write in it because I HATE making mistakes and misspellings as I hand-write in ink -- and then have to go back and scratch things out. Looks bleh.

You, however, have inspired me to start making use of this lovely little journal, listing those five things to be grateful for at the end of each day. And you know what? I JUST thought of this (laughing): I'm going to use a PENCIL.

Best to you, Jules. Enjoy your time off.