Saturday, January 23, 2010


What do you do about your dreams?  I don't mean the dreams that you have at night when you are asleep, I mean those things that you long to do with all of your heart?  Our dreams, to me, are those things that you hold close to your heart that you just want to do or goals you just really want to achieve.   It could be something like going skydiving, or climbing a mountain.  It could be running for office or winning the lottery.  It could be touring Europe, traveling cross country on a motorcycle or to a third world country to bring clean water.  It could be to move to New York City or to have the big corner office or to write the Great American Novel. 

You don't ever have to tell another living soul in order to nurture your dreams.  You can keep it inside and cherish it or you can share it with someone you trust.  I have a dream book. It's a green binder that has page protectors in it that I slip in photos and articles and things I find that remind me of my dream. You don't have to do anything as concrete as my dream book.  You could read books on the subject, do searches online, talk to people who have done this thing.  Anything that keeps that dream alive and prepares you for the reality of reaching it. 

The thing is- my dreams are something that keeps me going when times seem tough.  When I am sick or exhausted or feeling down or a little lost, I can pull out my dream book.  I flip through the pages and let my imagination take flight.  As my imagination soars higher and higher, my mood follows suit.  It is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to feel better.  It is also fun to, as I am paging through magazines or as I come across a random postcard in a gift shop somewhere, cut out or buy that image and know that it belongs right there in my book.  That means that at any given moment I can be connected with that dream. 

This afternoon, I am going to spend some time updating my dream book.  The perfection of a dream is that it can change as you change- it can be anything you wish. I hope that each of you has a dream that you cherish and nurture and adds something positive to your life. 

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