Thursday, January 28, 2010

Perking up!

As I sit here this morning typing this, I have a 15 pound ball of love on my lap which, while it makes typing difficult, is a very sweet start to my morning. Auggie has spent most of the last three days either snuggled up on or next to me while Harley has not let me nap once without her. It is as if they knew that I was under the weather and wanted to give me comfort.

I am going back to work today. The fever finally broke last night. I woke up around 10:30pm with all of the covers off of me- which is a huge change from not being able to get warm enough. I got up, changed into lighter pj's and crawled back in bed with both pups at my feet. My ears are still clogged (throwing off my equilibrium) and I am still tired and achy but I am feeling well enough that I will take my Zicam with me and go in and try and catch up today.

I was reminded yesterday how very fortunate I am to have a job in which I am allowed an ample amount of sick time. The caveat here is that I doubt that I will be dipping into it for this week as I have quite a bit of comp time built up. There are many people who- if they had been as sick as I have been for the last few days- would have either had to dip into their hard earned vacations, have just not been paid at all or have risked losing their jobs altogether. I also was blessed with a revelation. I never-ever- thought I could be a stay at home wife. I thought I would be bored senseless. I have discovered that should our often hoped for lottery win happen any time soon, I could walk away from the working world with very little guilt and find contentment right in my home.

That means that this bout with a virus has given me two things to be grateful for. And now, it's time to get back to the "real world."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jules!
I'm so glad to hear you're feeling well enough to be up and about again. I hope you'll take it easy today. When there's a lot to catch up with, it's hard to do, I know, but better to start back mindfully so that you can make a complete and strong recovery. My best wishes follow you today.

I just read back over your last three posts. I think I missed a couple of them, somehow. I love your unquenchable search for mindfulness and gratitude in your daily life; it's easy to get bogged down in the everyday blahs and forget that life's a gift. Even when we battle physical illness and pain. Thank you for reminding me, once again, to lift my eyes off my shoes and take note of the beauty around me.

I hope you'll continue to feel well and stronger with each passing hour.