Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thunder and Lightening and Sirens- Oh My!

I had planned on sleeping as late as my body needed this morning and then heading in to work for a long day, but Mother Nature had other plans for me.  Somewhere in between four and four-thirty the thunder and lightening were so close that the explosion and subsequent shaking of the building woke me from a dead sleep.  I sat right up in the bed; Auggie jumped into my lap and Harley looked up at me then rolled back over, snuggled up with Jim and went back to sleep.  The man, on the other hand, never even woke up.  I envy that. 

The weather today is very aptly representative of my mood.  I am feeling pretty stormy at the moment.  I have SO much to do to get caught up at work.  I was aware that I had a lot of work to do but didn't know how much more until after close last night.  By the time I left work at 8 - I was furious.  I will have to spend today re-doing hours of work before I can start on what I knew I needed to get done.  I had planned on doing four or so hours each day this weekend- now it's looking more like twelve today and some tomorrow. 

Right now I am trying to find my positive.  One is that I have enough time in the next 48 hours to get a good solid dent in what I need done completed.  Another is that if I can get this all done- I will be able to know that things are done properly and we are in decent shape.  I am still concerned about how I will approach remedying this situation.  I cannot continue to have to re-do work that has been done.  This is not the first time- I just have to figure out how to make it the last.  I am sure the hours of sweaty, physical labor will give me the time to figure it out. 

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Anonymous said...

Ouch! So sorry you have to spend your whole weekend working to correct work that's already been done. And then go on and work through the week. Nothing like covering ground you've already covered before to make a person feel gloomy.

On the other hand, the stormy weather will bring gifts: rain beaded on new spring leaves and flowers; that lovely scent that lingers after a good rain; the awe-inspiring boom of thunder in the distance.

I hope you'll have some downtime at some point during this weekend, Jules, where you can allow yourself a good rest. Take care of yourself, okay?