Friday, May 28, 2010

Long Weekend Ahead!

There was a time- not so many years ago- that a holiday weekend for me just meant more time to work at my second job.  One of the very first positive steps that I took on this path was to no longer work a second job.  Wellll- technically that is not totally true.  Seven times a year I act as proctor for the Praxis exam- that's my only "second job"- and it's a sweet gig. 

There are people in my life who cannot believe I have made this change and that is has lasted so long.  I still get comments about working over a hundred days in a row, taking a day off and then doing it again.  As a self-admitted workaholic,even I know that was excessive.  Each and every time I get these comments- I am eternally grateful that that part of my life is behind me. 

This weekend we are shooting down to my folks house.  They are on a wonderful trip of their own.  We are going to go down and make sure the lawn has been taken care of, I will check the gardens and deadhead if necessary, if we need to mow- we will do that too.  We will let the puppies run free in the yard.  We will shoot to the grocery and pick up some stuff and grill.  We will watch Avatar on Mom's big old HD tv.  Basically it will be like we are home- because it is our second home but still like we are away.  We will get some work done and make sure they don't have to do too much when they come home- and then we will come home and do some housework of our own.  Not terribly exciting- but very low key.  We will enjoy that we have three whole days together with no real responsibilities, nothing pressing, nothing to do but relax and enjoy our "babies" and some quiet.  We might even take in the Zoo since we have yearly memberships. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

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Wren said...

Have a wonderful, quiet, relaxing weekend, Jules. Enjoy every moment.