Thursday, May 13, 2010

On being prepared.

My assistant manager will be having surgery next week that will keep her out for 6 weeks.  What this means for me is that I will be re-structuring my work schedule for the time that she is out, working one "normal" day, three long days and one very short day.  It means that I will not have her there to bounce ideas off, to vent to, and to level me out.  She and I work very well together.  The things that make me crazy- don't make her crazy.  The things that make her crazy- don't bother me at all.  It means I will have to fly solo- but it will be okay.  She has done all of the things that she needs to do to not be inundated when she gets back so I don't have to worry about that part of her job while she is gone and that is a relief. I am also going to miss her personally.   The good thing is- we have known for a month that this is coming.  That means that I have had time to mentally prepare for long days.

As someone who is a planner- this is the best possible scenario for me.  Had this been an emergency situation and come from out of nowhere- it would really have thrown me for a loop.  I equate this with  those times that we can feel the onset of a flare before it goes full blown.  When I can feel it coming, I can take steps to lessen the severity as well as preparing myself mentally and emotionally for it before it takes over.  Somehow, when I can be ready for it; it lessens the power it has over my life.  I guess that means that I am prepared for my very own "work flare". 

While I was thinking this through and making my notes and putting my ducks in a row, I found myself wondering if there was a way that I could put together an emergency "kit" if you will of tricks that I have in my bag that would help when I have a sudden flare.  Things that would help me adjust more quickly when it happens back to where I am when I do feel it coming on.  Something to think about.....

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