Monday, May 10, 2010

Arthritis Walk- Evansville, Indiana

This past weekend, my dad, my puppies and I did the 5k Arthritis Walk.  It was a beautiful day for the event.  Auggie was a rock star- everyone wanted pictures of him in his official Walk bandana.  The local baseball team- The Evansville Otters were represented and their mascot (Evan) was down on the ground playing with Auggie for photos. 

The "Princess" of the event was a beautiful little 8 year old named Payton.  This little girl had me in tears.  She said something that was so direct and child like that it made me realize just how different it is for a child to live with this disease.  The head of the event related this story.  Payton was diagnosed at 6 with RA.  Last year, Payton and her mom went to the foundation for information and to find out what was going on in their area.  Their first event was the Jingle Ball Run/Walk and they invited Payton to attend.  They must have talked about it at home and Payton decided she wanted to walk with everyone else.   At the end of the event, Payton turned to her mom and said; "I am ready for my cure now."  Her mom was puzzled and Payton said "I did the walk- I want my cure!  We were walking for a cure!"  That just tore my heart out.  I cannot imagine having to explain to my beautiful little girl, who is in so much pain on a regular basis, that just because she walked- it didn't mean she was going to be cured. 

I am so looking forward to my next event in September.  The Louisville Walk is just as much fun (and a lot more organized) and we are right in Slugger Field with all of the sponsors and they really jazz us up. 

As we walked- I thought of each and every one of my RA friends and my Fibro friends and every one of us that fights a chronic illness every day.  We are the reason I am out there walking-and you all keep me going. 

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