Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a day~

I am definately overdoing it. I know I have for the last two days. My knuckles, ankles and feet are pretty darned swollen right now. However......I feel like I have accomplished SO very much! We have dismantled the first Summer Session, set up the Second Summer and started moving Fall books into place for 1/2 of the departments. That is HUGE this early in the summer.

Tomorrow I am dressing down and going to spend my day in the stock room working on the books we need to return from the first session and if I get that done- will start tackling the five pallets of books we have in the back for fall. At the end of the week- I know I will pay- but I have the whole weekend to recover. I am also thinking of taking off early on Thursday since I had to unexpectedly stay and close last night. Thursday is supposed to be a beautiful day. It would be a great day to come home and just plain relax. Everyone needs that kind of day once in a while.

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