Friday, June 5, 2009

Ginger is a miracle!

A minor miracle- but a miracle none the less. Yesterday I was feeling pretty crappy. Coughing my face off, a heavy weight across the chest, every muscle aching and I couldn't get warm. I am hypersensitive to antihistimines so I just don't take cold meds but napped a lot with little improvement. Once Jim got home last night- I made a "quick" run to the store. I picked up the fixings for a ginger "tea" that I used to rely on when I felt myself getting sick back in my crazy work a million hour days that would head it off at the pass.

I got back home and pulled out a 16 oz tempered glass and brewed up the concoction. As I was drinking it, I could feel the weight loosening on my chest just a little. Even though I had been drinking coffee most of the day, I thought maybe it was the heat from the drink loosening things up for me. As I crunched on the ginger- I could start to breathe again through my nose. Ginger is good for that and always has been. I mixed up and drank another glass before bed and finally got to sleep.

This morning- I feel such a noticable difference that I feel human again. I have enough of my ingredients to have at least two glasses a day for the rest of the weekend. By Monday I will be right as rain and I totally credit this concoction.

If you want to know what I am using- here is the magic recipe:

16 oz boiling hot water
juice of half a lemon
diced fresh ginger- about half an inch of the root
plenty of honey

Put the lemon, ginger and honey in the glass and pour the boiling water over the top. Stir to melt the honey and then let it steep until it is cool enough to drink. As you drink the tea, crunch on the ginger root as it comes to the top. It WILL be peppery but will take on a little of the honey as well from the steeping.

Mix and drink as needed!

I am so grateful that we have the ability to create this totally natural- drug free-tea that makes me feel so much better. And I am also grateful that I will not be spending my weekend flat out in bed.

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RA Guy said...

Just today a group of us met up for a short while after morning yoga, and we were served pineapple juice that had been mixed with some ginger water. It was absolutely refreshing, and inside I enjoyed knowing that the drink would do wonders for me...