Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I cannot believe the year is half over.

I woke up this morning bright and early (Thank you for Harley who went to bed early with me last night) so it was even earlier than usual when we went out for our walk. The stillness of the morning just grabbed me. It is a weird feeling to be out there with little Miss Dog and be the only people/things even stirring. There were one or two lights on in homes- but essentially, it was just us and the morning sky out there. There was a beautiful breeze that would come up just as you would think it was getting warm. There was no noise-NONE- when we walked away from the house. It wasn't until we were coming back that the birds started chirping, the planes (which we usually see circling while they wait to get in to Louisville airport) started heading in.

What this did for me was it really reminded me how small we are in comparison to the whole big world out there. It makes you stop, really stop and it heightens your senses as you look around and listen to see if there is anything else out there awake. The world and your little area of it just seems endless. As I did my morning list of things that I am grateful for- it really kind of put things into perspective. It made all of my worries seem so insignificant in the long run.
It was funny, it was right about the time that I was thinking about how very lucky we are that the world started waking up around us. Coincidence? Who knows? But it felt significant to me. Maybe I should start getting up at 4 every morning if it will help with perspective. We will have to see how the whole getting to bed early thing goes first.

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