Sunday, June 7, 2009

A lovely- normal-Saturday with my honey.

Yesterday we had nothing major on the agenda. We planned to go to Louisville to pick up cigarettes (we WILL conquer that habit one day!) and decided to check out the Oxmoor Mall and make a stop at WholeFoods while we were in town.

We spent the morning just piddling around and around 11am we decided to nap. Took a good long snooze and I got up before Jim and Harley so I sat on the porch and finished reading "The Shack". It is an amazing book- but it deserves a post of its own so I am not going to go into it here.

We headed out after our afternoon nap and stopped at Cox Smokers (yes- we are immature enough to occasionally snicker at the name-lol)and at the Harley place next door they were doing some kind of smoke show but we didn't stay around. We hopped back on the highway and got down to Oxmoor. We didn't know what to expect since the closest "mall" to us can be walked end to end in just under 10 minutes.

Now-I should preface this with- I am NOT a shopper like a lot of women. I hate buying clothes. Pretty much, if I try it on- it won't come home. I have some serious body issues and I am fully aware of it. It makes Jim pretty content because that's one thing we won't have to worry about our money going on a lot of clothes. HOWEVER- I love accessories and home things. Imagine my delight when we found a hobby shop up on the second floor (Jim was in heaven) as well as Coach, Fossil and more importantly SEPHORA! I love me some Sephora. I could spend a week in there with all of the perfumes and lotions and all of my Bare Minerals makeups. It is one of those stores that if I had the money- I would be there all the time. It ranks right up there with Bed, Bath and Beyond and The Container Store for me. So we walked around the mall- pleasantly surprised with the stores that they offer. Then we headed over to WholeFoods- which is my very favorite place in the world. I HAVE spent hours in there just looking and touching and enjoying the offerings. This visit we picked up some Naan bread and veggies so that we can do chicken kebabs on the grill today and fruits so I can have them for the week. We headed back to Indiana and decided to do our evening at home.

We had picked up a pizza (we had a coupon which is good- because the pizza was CRAP) from Pizza Hut and went home and ate an early dinner while we watched Kung Fu Panda. It was really cute. We have been very much neglecting our Wii- which we used to death when we first got it- so we bowled a couple of games then pulled out the Wii Fit and got back up on it. I made a new WiiMi because my last one just reminds me how I have neglected it-lol. It was pretty late by then but we decided to stay up and watch Live Free or Die Harder and then headed off to bed.

All in all- it probably sounds like a pretty boring day to most, but what I loved about it was that it was just so NORMAL. Not my "new normal"- but normal normal. We did routine things- none of which I felt limited to do. Even when we went to the mall, we took the elevator up and Jim asked if I would be okay with taking the stairs down (so sweet and supportive- but don't tell him) and when I told him down was fine- I just go a little slower he made a crack about that being age- not anything else-lol. When we went to the other part of the mall when there were 15 or so steps we went down them and he automatically headed to the ramp to go up. Not once did I feel like we had to make special accomodations, not once did I feel like I had to not do something because of my illnesses. It was a whole day of almost forgetting about the limits of my body. I got to spend the day with my honey like your average married couple. That alone made it a lovely, lovely day.

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