Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A couple of small things

This morning I am grateful for a few small things. They seem small to the world- but they make me smile.

I am grateful that Josh calls me on a regular basis. I just got off the phone with him and I am grateful that even though there isn't some "big news" or anything earthshattering to talk about, he calls anyway. We just talk about about what we are doing with our day or plans for the weekend, how work is going, how my shots are going, what's new with the family. Just mundane stuff but it really means so much.

I am grateful for my Tramadol. This morning I couldn't bend two inches to the right or left and now, an hour later, I can almost move at my "new normal". I had one of those "wake up and can't bend over- feet swollen enough that I am walking like a weeble and hips just aching- boy does Rheumatoid Arthritis SUCK" mornings. I know that I have SO much work to do and thankfully- the Tramadol will get me through until Friday night.

I am grateful that tonight is Wednesday. I will take my Enbrel shot at lunch and tonight will be blissful, blissful sleep for many hours. Enbrel will give me a "punch" to get through the afternoon and then by 6:30 I will crash for the night.

I am grateful for Facebook. I spent last night tutoring my dad on Facebook. He set up the account all on his own and last night we just had fun with him learning how to use it. It is such a great social networking site. I have found friends that I lost touch with so many years ago and we have renewed those friendships. My sisters are both there, and it gives us a glimpse into on another's lives. Now dad is there too. Just another avenue to keep us all close.

Sometimes it is just the small things in life that make things so wonderful.

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