Thursday, June 18, 2009

Down time

I love down time. I really am grateful for having my weekends and evenings free. I know that that may sound silly to some- okay most- but you are looking at a person who has been known to work 100 days in a row- with no day off. When I did have a day off it was more about recovery than recharging my batteries. How crazy is that?
Now, my possibilities are limitless. I can do anything from curl up with a good book to take a long walk with Harley to take a weekend away.

I am thinking about this this morning because Mom and Dad are on "vacation". They head to Vegas several times a year, but this time they are driving up to Mackinac Island. They are meandering up to the Island and then back, spending a couple of days in Amish country then coming back through Dubuque and seeing the sights. That is just the kind of trip that Jim and I would love. Road trips are so enjoyable. Especially road trips where you can take your time and see the area, not be under any pressure to get someplace by a certain time. Some day when we can afford that kind of trip- we will do it. Until then- I will put a photo of the island on my vision board and use it to keep my dream alive.

I will also use it so that I don't take my time off for granted. I need to work on getting to a place where I keep up with my home duties during the week so that the weekends aren't taken up by errands and housework. I guess that just is another area where I am a work in progress. :-) It's a blessing to just have the opportunity to keep working on this transformation.

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