Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ahhhhh, midweek

It is so funny how much I look forward to my weekends now. After so many years of giving them up to work I seem to guard them very jealously. This week is a little awkward. I see my Rheumatologist on Friday morning at 7:30 and then Friday afternoon I have a massage scheduled. Friday morning I guess I will find out the verdict on whether or not we are dealing with Fibromyalgia as well as RA. I just don't know how to feel about it. On one hand I want to pound my fists and cry. On the other, it's just another thing to deal with. Whatever the answer is- I can handle it. I WILL handle it. Of course- having a massage scheduled that afternoon. That was the best idea my sister has had recently.

Saturday I am proctoring the Praxis tests from 7-5. I guess it's the closest thing to a "part time" job I will have these days. Basically- I get to sit and watch these kids take their tests. It's decent money and only once a month at the very most. Its a good thing. Gives me a little extra money for medical bills or for things like that. I have another one in July then they are done for the summer.

Sunday will be time to relax. I am hoping that we go back to the zoo. We will have to see how I am feeling on Sunday morning. But even if we don't do the zoo, and we just relax all day- I am good with it. I really, really enjoy just having time to decompress and relax. I never knew how much I needed it and what I was missing- but now that I do, I can't imagine ever giving up my weekends on a routine basis again. I am so grateful to have my weekends, and grateful to be able to look forward to them. It makes the whole week seem to fly once you get to this point of the week.

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