Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another cup of coffee then away we go-

Good Morning all-  I am having a cup of coffee and watching the weather and it looks like it will be another gorgeous day in Kenuckiana- we love to see those numbers in the high 80's during the day and then finally- finally heading into the 60's for sleeping.  Considering that yesterday was the first day of classes at our University-it truely looks like Fall. 

One of the things that I receive in my email on a regular basis is a newsletter from "The Secret".  Last week- just in time for the craziness that is our rush I received this: 

You deserve to have whatever you want, because you are meant to have an amazing life! You are not meant to suffer or struggle. What would be the point of your life? You are meant to be, do, and have everything you want - no exceptions, no limits!

Decide right now that you are going to have an amazing life. Decide right now that you will not accept anything less. And know that the entire universe and all creation want to give you an amazing life!
The timing on this was impeccable.  I was sitting in my car, flipping through emails on my Crackberry on a small break at work.  I was agitated because we were not where I would like to be in terms of being ready for the semester and I was beating myself up over it when I opened this. Normally I just remove most of my newsletters from my mobile and read them at home but this time I accidentally hit the wrong button and there it was- I think it was karma giving me a much needed nudge in the right direction.  I read it, read it again and then saved it.  I have gone back to that email time and again since I got it and it never fails to make me stop to realize that I DO have an amazing life.  I have a life filled with blessings both great and small.  Each time I read this- I stop and automatically take a moment to give thanks for all of the people (and puppies) and things that make my life wonderful.  It puts me right back on track, it elevates my mood, and changes my attitude at least for the moment.  Once things settle down- I think I am going to print it out and put with the things I am collecting to put on my vision boards.  Heck- by October I may even have the time to finish those visions boards!

Speaking of vision boards- I have a "wall panel" that I purchased for as part of the fundraiser for the Arthritis Walk in September.  I need to "decorate" it in some way.  It can be about the walk, it can be about what gets us through the day with RA- it can be anything it wants as long as it's motivational in some way.  I am at a loss as to where to start.  It needs to be complete by September 18th- so I need to get going on it.  I need to think about what I want to see as I am walking around and around for that 5k.  I want something inspirational I think.  I guess I will start working on that project this weekend.  So here is my question for you- what inspires you to keep going in the face of adversity? 


Jeannie said...

Great blog post.

I encourage you to not just collect stuff for your vision boards but make the time to actually work on them and get them up on display.

Jules0705 said...

Thanks Jeannie. I do need to get working on my boards. It started as wanting to do one- now I have three that I want to work on. I have to get them actually on the board soon.