Thursday, August 12, 2010

Every once in a while, lightening strikes

I may have mentioned that after my wonderful vacation, I went back to work and it was not a good scene.  We are at the point in our year where things are really ramping up and the next few weeks will be crucial to our success for the year.  I took stock and allowed myself to be overwhelmed and forgot the old adage "Never let them see you sweat."  It is not unusual for me to work extremely long hours during this period and it is such old hat that I don't even need to wrap my head around it- that said- it doesn't normally start until NEXT week.  I was not ready for it and it threw me.  Needless to say- it has been a really rough week.  6am starts and some days as late as 9:30 pm.  I would have stayed later but I was a walking zombie. 

Yesterday I had to admit to my boss that I was not where I wanted to be at this point.  Based on my own timeline- I would say I am about two weeks behind.  That was demoralizing.  If I were not getting ready for a training class for my new staff- I would have just put my head down on my desk and let it get to me.  Timing didn't allow that and that's okay.

While I was doing the training my mind was racing as it has been for days and boom, it hit me.  I know how I am going to make a big dent in my backlog today.  I don't want to say how so that I don't jinx myself- but if this works- I might actually be able to take a day off this weekend.  When the idea hit- I smiled from ear to ear and then a sense of peace stole over my body.  I was actually able to fall asleep last night within an hour of laying down- and that is a bit of a miracle. 

Speaking of miracles- one of our dearest friends gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this week.  Unfortunately- he is 40 days early and his lungs are underdeveloped.  We are thankful that other than that he is healthy and know that they already have a plan to move him to Boston Children's if necessary. 

So if you of the praying sort, if you could send up prayers for our new little guy, and a good thoughts that I get caught up and make it through the next few weeks without opening the door to a major flare.  We would really appreciate it. 

Have a great week!


Unknown said...

Prayers are being answered for the little tyke. Angels on him and his parents.

I will be interested on how your solved the work situation. Of course, I know you can do anything you want or need to do.

Wren said...

Positive thoughts are at this moment headed your way, Jules, and the same for that wee baby.

If you're working days that start at 6 a.m. and you're not off work until 9:30 p.m., you're headed for trouble. You need help with your work. Your employer needs to understand that you're not superhuman and shouldn't be expected to do the work of two or three employees indefinitely. I know I'm just stating the obvious, but it's awful to know that you're headed for a serious flare involving a LOT of pain, suffering and disability and not say or do anything to try to ward it off.

I hope your idea for getting a day off this weekend (just one day?!!) will work. Please take care of yourself.

Jules0705 said...

Thanks ladies. During my Rush period (normally 3 weeks- this time four +) I work like crazy. The good thing is- I can make up for it later to *some* extent. The other good (?) thing is that I get so tired that I quickly get past cranky into punchy and that makes me more able to handle the throngs of people. On the first day of classes I will see over a thousand people come through my little store- and that is not including the people who ordered their books from us online to be shipped home or picked up when they come back to campus. Those orders are the basis of my current stress situation and the reason that I have to add an extra week to my craziness. Once I get caught up there- I will be in a much better place stress wise and emotionally.