Monday, August 16, 2010

The Great Pizza War of 2010- Part 2

Our own personal Great Pizza War is a mere two weeks behind us and already there is another one brewing.  This one is not on the homefront but over near our two faves and will include five local pizza places with a potential for more to join and will support a terrific cause. 

Tweeted this afternoon from her blog (again- I encourage you to both follow her on Twitter and read her blog) @Loueyville gave us a heads up about the coming Slice of the Highlands best pizza in Louisville competition.  This event offers the opportunity to test the different choices side by side (two of which we hadn't included in our rounds) and vote for the best and more importantly it supports Gilda's Club which offers resources for people living with cancer and their families.  Having lost both my favorite Gran and Jim's mom to cancer as well as knowing (and loving) several survivors, we can get behind this group in a big way.  I wish there had been a "Clubhouse" in Massachusetts when Jim's mom was going through her battle.  I think it could have helped everyone in the family even it if was just to give them more resources for dealing with it.  I also wish we had been aware that there was one in Louisville at that time.  I don't know where the finances will be at that moment but I have my eye on two of the silent auction items already.  Either way- we have added this event to our calendar and will be making every effort to attend. 

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