Sunday, November 15, 2009

There's nothing like a little productivity

To put you back on the straight and narrow.  I had to work yesterday.  After a really, really rough week, I was not particularly looking forward to spending the better part of my Saturday at work.  I had a particularly good student employee with me and I enjoy working with her so that was a good thing.  When I got in there and we got everything ready to open- I looked at my desk and all of the mounting paperwork and I could feel the sense of being overwhelmed coming back.  I took a deep breath and decided then and there that I was not allowing it. 

I gathered up all of my things and pulled out my calendar and a blank sheet of paper.  I went through each and every piece of paper and as I looked at it, I added deadlines to my calendar, wrote down a rough "to-do list" and properly organized everything that I needed to keep and ruthlessly tossed everything else.  Once I had restored order the weight lifted.  Just about that time we started to get busy so in between customers I started working on that list and was able to get more done in those few hours than the pervious two days combined.   When I closed the store and set the alarm I was so grateful that I had Katie working with me, i was grateful that I had gotten things in order and grateful that that overwhelming feeling was gone. 

Saturday night we went out for an early dinner.  PF Chang's is one of our favorite places and my dearest friend sent us a gift certificate after her visit so we used it.  Dinner was marvelous, the service was terrific and we got there early enough that we didn't have to wait and could just go right in and enjoy a leisurely meal.  After we left there, while we on our way home- my neck cramped up.  I mean POW- like a hot poker.  By the time we got home and changed into our pajamas- the pain had worked its way down all the way to my lower back.  Sounds rotten huh?  Actually I feel very fortunate that Jim got to see how it actually comes on this time.  Usually I wake up with the pain or it happens before he gets home from work.  For him to see it actually happen and us to discuss it was actually a blessing because now he can see how the Fibro differs from the RA. 

Today, Harley let me sleep in a bit which was wonderful because getting to sleep last night was not easy.  I got up feeling much better so we went to the grocery and I picked up a rotisserie chicken and the other things I needed to make a pot pie.  While we were talking about it I decided that since I was feeling up to it I would do a somewhat big cooking.  I made two pot pies so I could freeze one and cleaned the rest of the chicken for soup later this week.  I also planned out what else I will make this week.  While I got this all done, my darling husband cleaned and vacuumed the living room- even though we were planning on doing it together today. 

All in all it was an incredibly productive weekend.  I feel like my mind is clear and I have a "plan" for the week.  What a blessing that is!  It is also a wonderful way to end and start the week. 


rheumablog said...

You really DID have a good weekend, even though you worked through half of it. As a newspaper editor, I lived, breathed and slept deadlines, day in and day out, and I also felt the calmest and most in control when I could organize my desk, make it neat, and set about my tasks with a clear beginning and end in mind. It truly makes all the difference.

You used your time off well, doing that cooking. And what a sweet husband you have! I hope you'll continue to feel decent and in control of things this week.

Jules said...

Ohhhh! I so envy you! Editing (preferably fiction) is my dream job.

I have decided that task by task, day by day I will take each thing one step at a time. Looking at the big picture is a LOT of work and stress. So far it is working. Crossing my fingers it stays that way for the long run. Thanks for sharing!