Sunday, November 29, 2009

Introducing "Getting to Gratitude"- A Six Part Series

While I was on my vacation I thought long and hard about this blog.  Some days it is a real struggle to think of something that is both interesting and from the heart.  Lately it seems that the struggle has become greater and so while I was on my trip I left it alone.  Rather than forcing the writing I used the time to reflect and meditate and look for joy. 

When I sat down at my computer this morning to get back to my routine, it came to me in a flash.  In order to get back to my place of gratitude I needed to go back to the beginning and really look at what brought me here.  I thought it might be a good piece for me to reflect back and remember how this began for me. 

I started writing hours ago.  As I wrote it flowed as if the tap had been turned on full force.  What I thought might be a small post to give myself a kick in the pants has turned into several pages thus far. 

I will begin publishing this tomorrow morning.  I invite you to read about my road and if you have published yours- link me to it so that I can see what motivates you as well. 

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