Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh Thank GOODNESS for small miracles.

My parents were in a very scary car accident last night. It scared them at the time- it scared us girls when we each got the message. I cannot express how thankful we are that they were not injured. That they even walked away is a minor miracle.

Picture this:

It is a rainy night and my parents are on the way to a birthday dinner. They are on a fairly populated street that was recently repaved with hot top so everything is a little dark. Dad's cute little convertable (that mom "got" him for their anniversary last February) is cruising down the road in the right lane at a moderate speed. A big old rock and gravel truck in the left lane goes to change lanes and clips the rear end of "Little Red" causing it to swing around in front of said truck which then broadsides them. The driver- not aware that he had hit my parents and thinking he had blown a tire- pushes them approximately 200 ft basically attached to his bumper before coming to a stop. Still not aware that he had hit them, he then starts to drive to pull over to the right side- taking them and their car with him before he stops again.

Mom said that when she looked toward Dad while they were being pushed sideways- the bumper of the truck was level with my father's head. She actually reached up to touch his head to make sure that the bumper WASN'T touching it.

I think if I had been in the car- I would have needed new pants. Needless to say- only the insurance adjuster and the body shop know if they will be shopping for a new "Little Red"- but MOST importantly my parents walked away with just some soreness.

Tonight I am so eternally grateful that they are both okay. I am also grateful that they chose the Chrysler Sebring rather than an MG or a Spyder or one of the little convertables because that choice may have very well saved their lives. I am grateful that "Little Red" was long enough that it nearly covered the bumper end to end- meaning that the weight of the truck was evenly distributed across the car and the bumper didn't go further into the car. I am grateful that neither they, nor the truck was speeding in that residential area and that people who lived there cared enough to not only come out when they heard the initial impact but to wait for the police and give statements. I am thankful that the police were gentle with my very, very shaken mother and let Dad handle it while she gathered her wits about her. I am also thankful that I am blessed to only have 6 more days till I can hug their necks and kiss their faces and show them how glad I am to have them safe and sound.

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MissDazey said...

Oh, my!! What a scare for your all. I am also grateful for the out come, TYL! (Thank You Lord)

I bet your mom and dad can't wait to hug your neck too.