Friday, April 9, 2010

A lot to be grateful for this Friday

Just a list today because if I were to talk about each of them- we would be here a week. So here is my top ten list of blessings this week:

1- My baby sister made it through her surgery with flying colors. 

2- I have taken solid steps to get back on the path to personal health. 

3- We are at our inventory point of our year at work and we are pretty well prepared. 

4- This is going to be a long weekend but it will be so productive and go a big way in getting things settled. 

5- I had a bit of an AHA moment this week- which is always a nice feeling. 

6-  The pups are getting used to their new "crating" situation and Auggie is doing well with *most* of his training.

7-  The weather this week has been beautiful and we were able to enjoy it.

8-  I was able to book baseball tickets this week for three games!  We will so enjoy that. 

9-  I also was able to book a tour of Waverly Hills Sanatorium for Karyn and I when she comes to visit in August.

10- I have that visit to look forward to as well as both of my sisters visiting this summer. 

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