Friday, April 23, 2010

Is this a new chapter?

Well- we know that my biopsy result showed Methotrexate Hepatotoxicity.  That tells me (cause I am WICKED perceptive) that I will be losing my Methotrexate.  To be brutally honest- this morning I am just as nervous as I was for my biopsy last week.  I am seeing my rheumatologist early this afternoon and she will tell me where we can go from here.  I have been through all of the major DMARDS- so what is left?  I have searched and searched and I haven't found anything that I would expect- and I like knowing what to expect. 

I guess this part is becoming a page turner- and I will turn that page around noon.   

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MissDazey said...

What did doctor say? New plan?