Monday, April 19, 2010

I am a lucky, lucky woman

I am heading back to work today.  I am testing this out.  I am still sore and tired.  I am also a walking bruise.  We had a tough time with drawing my blood and setting my IV and because of that- my left hand and both elbows are significantly bruised.  I also have a "nice" bruise where the biopsy was done and my shoulder aches from hitting the nerve bundle.  And that is all the whining and moaning I will do about that.  I slept a lot this weekend- I am not good at being on bedrest but I know that I needed it.  Here is the thing- being on bedrest this weekend I realized just how lucky I am to have the husband that I have.  He completely stepped up to the plate and took stellar care of me. 

He took me to this hospital on Friday and waited until I was checked in and in my johnny.  I told him to go home and relax and instead he went home and got my guest room ready (he even went out and got a DVD player and wired it so I could watch movies) and spent time with the puppies.  He was back (with the coffee I requested) well before I got out of the procedure because we were running late.  He came back at the time my procedure *should* have been done and sat in my room watching tv until I came back up.  When I got back he made sure that my food was open and I was eating so that I could take my pain pill and that I was comfortable enough to sleep. 

When we got home he got me upstairs, showed me how to work my DVD player, set me up with an intercom and checked on me time and again.  He went down and brewed coffee for me and brought up my thermos and cup so I could have it when I felt up to it and then went to the video store and rented new movies for me.  He brought me food, got my fan set in the window and made sure I was comfortable.  The next day was more of the same and on Saturday night when I was allowed to get out of bed- and went to do an errand- he made sure I got back in bed as soon as I got home.  He kept the dogs from being too rambunctious on my bed and shooed them out when necessary. 

Most importantly- he never made me feel like I was putting him out or that he felt like he *had* to do any of this.  He made me feel loved, and cared for and like he was happy to be there for me.  I am so very blessed to have my husband.  I am blessed that after all of these years I never had to ask once for anything that he knows me well enough that he did what I needed to keep me in bed and never batted an eye.  I am grateful that he knows how much I appreciate him and all he does on a regular basis to make my life with my medical issues easier. 

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