Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting through the craziness one step at a time.

Things are getting crazy around here!  It's the time of year when we have so many things going on that I never feel like I am going to catch up.  We are doing buyback right now- which is when we buy the kids books back at the end of the year.  We have our first summer session starting in just under two weeks, we have web orders to process, books to get on the shelves and commencement to prep for.  It's also the end of the fiscal year which means paperwork coming out my ears.    Then there are the every day demands of things that are thrown at you last minute and stuff that just "pops up". 

On a personal side- I have my first Arthritis Walk for this season down with my dad on Mother's Day weekend- oh- and Mother's Day which I haven't shopped for.  I have to go for a chest X-ray so we can get the okay for the Orencia, a mammogram (yay that-not), meet with the PT/OT on the same day as commencement AND we have baseball tickets that night to support the "Dog Day at the Park".  Plus there is the beginning of Orencia infusions coming up.  My goal- to be caught up completely by Memorial Day and then use the summer to get into a groove. 

What all of this means for me is long hours and a definite need to focus.  As one of those people who is a "planner" that means I am living and dying by my calendar and my to-do lists.  It means I take a notebook everywhere to make notes as I think of them and I take work with me when I go to appointments for while I am waiting and such.  The only way I will get to where I need to be is to take small bites of each project as I have time.  For example- today I can't be in the store as I will be at a "remote" location doing buyback- but when I don't have a line (like when the finals are running) I will work on catching up with some paperwork.  It might mean schlepping more stuff with me but it must be done.  If there is anything that I can work on in a couple of minutes- it will be with me.  It also means that I will be doing a lot of "take a breath and focus" exercises to keep my head in the game. 

It's going to be a challenge- but the light is at the end of the tunnel- I just need to stay on course and I feel confident that I have the tools to do just that. 


MissDazey said...

I have confidence you can do it all.

Jules said...

Thank you Miss Dazey! I so very appreciate your support. <3