Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Post and Run

Well, if yesterday was any indication we will definitely hit our goals this week- but it's going to be a tough week overall.  This is when we are feeling the crunch of our lack of people.  On the bright side, when we finish - we can raise a glass of Sparkling Cider (no Champagne thanks to the darned MTX) and feel very proud that we have gotten so far. 

Despite the long hours, despite the fact that my co-assistant manager and I are VERY cranky @ the end of the day, despite the hard work- we can be very proud that we made it.  More, I can be thankful that I have a husband who is handling not being sure when I will be home and working with it so well. 

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rheumablog said...

Glad that you're managing well in spite of the obstacles. It's tough when company's downsize and leave the few who're left with their own work and that of the others who were let go. It takes courage to face that even as you battle the pain and fatigue of RA, and it's clear you have lots of it. I'm rooting for you, Jules!