Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Does No News Equal Good News?

I mentioned before Christmas that we were watching my liver levels.  Well, the test was 11 days ago and I still haven't heard anything.  On one hand- each time the levels have come back high I have gotten a phone call within a week to tell me we had to re-test.  On the other hand- it is the holidays so the lab could be running with lower staff.  I don't know what to think.  I would like to speculate (thinking positively) that when I called to move my appointment from January to February yesterday that they would have mentioned it if there was a reason for me to come sooner but they didn't.  So I am holding on to hope.

The pups are doing very well in my estimation.  Miss Harley put Auggie in his place yesterday when he tried to take her rawhide which for my super mellow pup is amazing.  Yesterday when I crated him before work he started to wimper and she went and sat by the crate with him.  I am sure that she didn't spend the whole day there, but when Jim came home- she was there again.  Last night they both spent the night in our bed and right now they are curled up on the couch about a foot apart.  I am really looking forward to this weekend when we have four full days at home with them.  We did have an "accident" from him last night before our walk, but I am hoping that it was because he is not used to our routine yet and not because he is not fully house trained.  Either way- we will work through it.  My parents invited us to bring both babies down this weekend but I think it is best that we keep them here and let them bond and let him get used to our routine before we take him someplace new (and potentially soil their beautiful carpet) and to meet new people.  I also need to get used to controlling the two of them on leash as they are very different in how they walk and I pulled a muscle in my back this morning trying to keep them both going.  Even so- I am feeling blessed that we got him.

I asked on Twitter about Resolutions yesterday and I got the best answer from @LupusChick.  She said her resolution was to laugh more.  I love that.  I am definitely adding that to my list!  I hope you all have a wonderful day. 


rheumablog said...

You could be right that no news is good news (and I hope you are), but no news could also mean lost test results, overlooked because of the holidays. This is important enough that, IMHO, you should call your doc's office and ask. That won't be pesty -- it's simply pro-active. It's your liver -- and your life.

I think it's sweet that wee Augie and wee Harley are getting along so well. I'm sure Augie will get into the routine before long. It must be quite a job, learning how to be with new humans and new canine friends.

I haven't come up with any resolutions so far -- I generally don't make them because I hate disappointing myself when, inevitably, I break them. But that one about laughing, well, that's a good one. And do-able.

Have a great day, Jules!

Jo-Ann said...

I'm sure that if it were bad news you would have heard something by now. I know whenever a test of mine has come back with less than good news I heard about it right away. It can't hurt to call the doctor's office just to ease your mind though.

I wanted to wish you a happy, healthy New Year. I am truly grateful for having met you in 2009.