Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell 2009!

I have been searching all day for a positive to my husband breaking his hand yesterday.  If you are not on facebook- he broke it in two places and Saturday morning he has to have surgery to have pins put into the hand so that it will heal properly.  I guess the positive is that since it is his right hand he won't be bowling for at least a month (the pins are in for 4 weeks) so that will help dent the medical bills. 

I really have been very blessed this year.  For every "bad" thing that happened- two or three good ones came on its heels.  I have spent a lot of time with my parents, I got to see Joshua and Jim's family.  I got to see many of my friends when I went back to Massachusetts.  My RA is very much under control (knock wood)and my fibro is not in too bad a place either.    I have met a group of very smart, very funny and very positive folks who live with chronic illnesses on both the blog world and Twitter- I am proud to call them my friends. 

As I look forward to 2010 and the bringing of both a new year and a new decade- I would be remiss if I didn't make some resolutions.  The best resolution I have heard thus far came from @LupusChick on Twitter and that was simply to Laugh More.  So I am definitely using that.  So- here goes my list:

1- To Laugh More
2- To continue on the positivity path.
3- To read from my "Simple Abundance: A Day Book of Comfort and Joy" each day.
4- To continue to practice Gratitude within my life.
5- To take better care of myself.
6- To make the hard choices to improve my life.
7- To take a hard look at who and what I invest myself in. 
8- To find a way to share my gratitude with others. 

That is it for me.  Oh- last but not least- to look forward and not backward.

 There is so much to look forward to in the next few years. * In 2011 I will celebrate my 25th anniversary with my darling husband and four days later- my parents (and role models) will celebrate their 45th.  For our 25th we are hoping to go to Disney since my honey has never been there.  So this coming year we are filling a five gallon water jug with our change to get us on the way to that trip.   It will be fun to see how much we can put in there and put away.  *I am looking forward this weekend to emptying my vision board and resetting it for the coming year.  *I am looking forward to re-reading two of my favorite books- The Secret and Eat, Pray, Love.  I think I will take The Secret with me when I sit in the hospital on Saturday along with my journal.  *I am also looking forward to going through all of my Real Simple Magazines and heading down the road to a simpler life. * I look forward to cultivating friendships with others in the same school of thought that I am in and being a friend they can count on. 

2010 looks brighter and brighter!  I hope you all have a safe and happy end to 2009 and a very blessed 2010!

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