Saturday, September 5, 2009

Positive Things

I have had some wonderful feedback on my blog recently. People who, like me, are trying to approach their chronic illness from a positive place. I cannot say often enough how important it is to surround ourselves with like-minded people when it comes to this. It can be very easy to let yourself get caught up in a web of self pity. It takes true effort to be positive and grateful when faced with adversity such as this. The thing is- when you get to that place where you have made the shift in attitude to that of gratitude and positivity- not only does the pain become bearable, flares become manageable (because you can see the light at the end of the tunnel) and everything else in your life seems a little better as well. Did you know that looking at the positives can actually relieve stress? It makes sense though because how can you be stressed if you are counting all of your blessings?

I have already shared the books that keep me on track in a previous blog. Today I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful blogs, websites and magazines that I read to keep myself on the right path. Please note that each of these folks are also on Twitter and you can find their twitter names on their blogs. Following their blogs and tweets makes my day brighter.


Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy Though men with Rheumatoid Arthritis are in the minority- this voice is very strong. RA Guy, as he is known, shares his journey, a lot of information, and blogs that he likes as well. His daily blogs are a wonderful way to start the day. He is the original Superhero of RA. ;-) Go back and read RA Bingo and his 60 Second Guide. The first you will laugh and it will definitely brighten your next flare and the second is a great resource for your friends and family.

The Single Gal's Guide To RASara has given a voice to those who are young, single and living with RA. Her blog has been such a hit that you can now find her on WebMD's RATV as well. Though I am neither young (I have about...10 years on her) or single (I have been married over 23 years) she goes through many of the same things we all do and that makes her relatable to all. She also has many resources for readers on her blog.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior This is Kelly's new site. As her title suggests- she is our warrior spirit. Her blog is very, very informational with hours of research going into each article. She wages a war against mis-information and accomplishes her goal of bringing encouragement and inspiration to RA patients.

Miss Dazey's Blog Miss Dazey is the self proclaimed "elder" statesmen of our blog. Miss Dazey is very vocal on Health Care Reform and bringing the message that you can LIVE with Arthritis.

Living Rheum This blog shares not only Jo-Ann's journey with RA but also her "gadgets and finds", easy to make recipes, supplements that may help and a more holistic approach to treating your RA.


Many of my favorite websites are about slowing down and simplifying your life. Taking the steps to do both of those things were the first part in my journey.

Zen Habits This blog/website is tailored toward simplifying your life while making it more productive. Though mostly geared toward the work life many of the tips are applicable for both work and home.

Fly Lady This website is for those of us who HATE housework. The Flylady method is all about eliminating CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) and getting you to a place to where your housework is simple and manageable. They take things in baby steps and no task is so large that those of us with chronic fatigue will wear ourselves out if we are not in flare. **Be warned** If you sign up for the emails- you get a LOT of emails- but they are all worth while. Personally, I find it easier to manage reading online.

Daily Affirmations We all need a little lift from time to time. This website is designed just for that.


These are the magazines I read on a regular basis. It is my habit to basically rip *most* of my magazines apart. I literally take them and tear out the articles I want to read and put them in a file. I take a folder of articles with me for any time I will be waiting- waiting rooms, labs, pharmacy, you name it. It is much easier than hauling the whole magazine around and gives me a quick lift. I cut out recipes and put them in a binder to try. I cut out photos of things I would like in my dream home and put them in another binder (my "dream" binder- but that is another blog) and I cut out beautiful and serene pictures for when I need a nudge to find peace.

O Magazine This is Oprah Winfrey's magazine. Full of positive articles, wonderful recipes and snippets designed to make you really THINK about your life, your goals, your spirituality and your blessings. Much of the content can also be found at her website:

Country Magazine Their tagline is "For those who live in and long for the country". The photos are gorgeous, the recipes very homey and the article celebrate a kinder, gentler part of the world. Reiman Publications who publishes Country also publishes Taste of Home and Quick Cooking which I highly recommend for anyone who enjoys cooking.

AARP magazine No, I am not quite old enough for AARP yet but my parents share this magazine with me. This magazine highlights older Americans as well as sharing resources that many of us can learn from on health, financial planning and government programs and such that affect us as much as the older generation.

Real Simple This is my favorite magazine of all. In fact, I was cutting so much of this magazine that I decided over a year ago to keep it in tact. Now I have a shelf full of these magazines. Each one is chock full of tips and ideas to make every aspect of your life simpler.

That about covers today's list. I would like to invite any readers to contribute any additions from their own list. Any blogs, websites or magazine that has a positive effect on YOUR life and that you refer to often. I am always looking for more and would love to hear your suggestions.

Enjoy your Saturday all!


Cathy said...

It is great finding so many other positive people! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Positive Things indeed.

I have only recently starting seeking out and sharing thoughts and experiences on my journey with RA in the blogging world. Your statement of surrounding ourselves with like-minded people is a powerful one.

Having mental focus and strength to seek out a positive attitude and approach to dealing with RA has been so key for me over the years.

Thanks for adding such a positive and encouraging voice to the mix.